A downloadable game for Windows

You play as Pluton as he dodges bombs and collects coins to increase his score. How long will you survive?

This game was made for GBJAM 5 in less than a day, and it's my first game on this site. I hope you like it and of course I'm ready for any constructive criticism! Really, any feedback would be fantastic. Thanks.


Left/Right Arrow keys: Left/Right

Space: Jump

Install instructions

The game is an .exe file - just install and run it. Also thanks for the download!


Pluto Fallout.exe 2 MB


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Thanka for the feedback! I'll take what you said into consideration and try to improve the game.


Nice simple game. Congratulation for the first game in this site :).

My suggestions for improvement:

  • About the score, I think it feels better if you get 1 point each time successfullly dodging a falling bomb and get 5 points for taking coin.
  • The jump mechanism is too risky to be used especially the jump height is very high, which makes it better to not use it at all. Maybe you can reduce the jump height. You even add a bottomless pit hazard to make the jump mechanism have more reason to be used.
  • When on "game over" screen, using "space" key for restarting is much efficient than using 'r' since the "space" key itself serves no function in "game over" screen and also the "space" is the action key in the gameplay (the jump button).
  • Maybe add space key too to start the game? Same reason on "game over" screen
  • Also some music would good.

Good luck if you are planning on more improvement to the game :).